frequently asked questions

1.      What is the Creative Team?
a.      They are our COMMIT Choreographer, Vault Performers, Brand Ambassadors, and/or YouTube Performers. You do not have to create choreography to be a part of the Creative Team. Sometimes people can create choreography but do not perform well, and vice versa.

2.      What is the Development Team?
a.      These are our COMMIT Trainers and Mentors for the COMMIT Dance Fitness Format.

3.      What is the time commitment weekly?
a.      This varies based on the projects and/or scheduled events, LABs, Choreo Scenes, and more.

4.      Is this an employee job or Independent Contractor position?
a.      This is a paid Independent Contractor position. A W-9 will be filled out once the position has been officially offered along with a contract agreement.

5.      Who do I report to?
a.      If you are on the Creative Team you will report to the Creative Team Coordinator, Donna Black, Jessica Quande, and Jessica black. If you are on the Development Team you will report to Donna Black, Jessica Quande, and Jessica Black.

6.    Does the 3rd video need to be filmed alone or with students?
a.     The 3rd video is your opportunity to show how well you perform on camera. We want you to shine so we are asking that you film by yourself.


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