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Our Instructor Training lays the Ground Work for starting your first COMMIT Dance Fitness Class and for continuing education as a current Dance Fitness Instructor. You will walk away with a toolbox full of resources, techniques and friendships that will add to your success.  By signing up today you will see why we say "the COMMIT Dance Fitness Experience is a dynamic, fun filled HIIT-style dance workout." Our setlist is designed and influenced with a HIIT-style focus. The COMMIT Choreography is taught in levels to introduce movement and modification to ensure each student's success. Some of our choreography is created with a fitness element hidden with dance and others are solely focused on the fitness element.

Sign-up today to learn more! Find a LAB in your area, if there isn't one click here to bring a D.A.N.C.E LAB to you.

LAB tickets are $179. Every LAB has an early bird special of $129. Also, if you purchase the LAB ticket it also includes the master class ticket. Otherwise, master class tickets are $10. Get your spot online because in-person tickets are limited.
(Virtual Master classes are free)


Sat., April 27, 2024


See you on ZOOM

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Sat., May 11, 2024

Haselwood Family YMCA

3909 NW Randall Way

Silverdale, WA 98383 

Join the COMMIT Instructor

Licensing Program after you take the



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